The Art Of Living Life On Your Own Terms – Why The Environment Works In Your Favour And Not Against You

Does this sound like you? You’re driven by a mission… you want to get your message out there through the quality of your being and what you offer, personally and professionally… you dream of changing the world…through the influence of what you know and do at work, play and home. And you’re working so many hours; risking burnout!

You’ve lost sight of YOUR dream life, while in the service of others who sometimes appear ungrateful or unwilling to offer you a handsome compensation for your efforts. It appears you are not even understood. It doesn’t have to be like this.  It’s time to make the changes necessary to your life and business or career, so everything starts working in your favor.

“If you want to look at your future, look at your past, and if you don’t like things that are happening now, you’ve got to change the way you’re looking at your life.”

Life is a series of choices. Every day we are given the opportunity to make new choices that align with our values and goals. Our choices can range from changing jobs, starting a new business, leaving a toxic relationship, starting a family, charting a new Purposed-based career, or relocating to another city. Seeing the greater possibilities for your life takes courage, honesty and requires that you turn your ideas into action.

You may be 28 years old or may be 65. According to a popular proverb, it’s when you wake up that morning breaks. You don’t get old by accident! It was Nelson Mandela who said that “There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”. The graveyard is filled with dreams buried alive. Do you really think that it is impossible to move into the Top 1% in the society? 

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; you might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.” – Earl Nightingale.

It’s actually up to you but you need to learn how it works. In this bracket, it’s all about seeing your world filled with potential and possibility. It’s about having a vision, making progress, and understanding that small shifts in mindset produce powerful shifts in behavior generating empowering habits. Living your best life is about living in the top 1%. It is not dependent on your age, the size of your bank account, or your education.

What you need is not only results but also accomplishment. Accomplishment defined by the feelings of fulfillment, excitement, and joy that comes from the experience of reaching for your best. Living in top 1% is about seeing the world with an “I can” and “what’s possible” mindset rather than “what can one person do to change the discouraging environment?” or “waiting in the queue to join the bandwagon of looters, running from pillar to post in fear of the unknown.” This is not the kind of life you can leave as a legacy {name} as you know. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s not about what we know but rather what we practice.

The process starts by asking yourself, “What does it take to move into the top 1% and how can I get there, living to my greatest potential?” Here are some stats coming the West to consider: “At 65, only 1% would be very rich; 4% would be financially independent; 14% would still be working and 45% would be broke.” Scary isn’t it? You can be sure it’s even worse over here.

Today, you are probably filled with the thoughts of……how to take care of your parents, whose pensions-if they have one-are hardly paid or insufficient…..your children’s future….your current financial security and investments. To be honest, there’s a lot to be concerned about today, whether it’s the debt level, inflation, the crazy stuff happening in the US, Europe and even at home. It can be depressing I know.

But guess what, we now know that times of economic chaos like these are also the best time in the world to accumulate incredible wealth and even get abundance – IF – you know how. In fact, more millionaires were created during the Great Depression than any other time in history.

“Some men see things as they are and say “Why?”. I dream of things that never were and say, “Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw.

Just beyond the surface of your waking thoughts, a powerful collection of subconscious mindsets are controlling everything you believe, say, think, feel, and do. These mindsets are responsible for every outcome you experience – good and bad. But now you can easily eradicate the “bad” that is keeping you from the life you want, by reshaping your thinking at the subconscious level?

Nothing stands still. There are always new revelations, new inspirations, new knowledge; constantly being revealed to us moment to moment – if you’re open to it. Being open means that sometimes you must surrender what you know; to learn what works for the rich and famous.

“You’ve got to be on INQUIRY”

However…this does require faith and trust in the process that’s guaranteed to work for you. In 2009, I made the decision to turn these same unfriendly circumstances times into an opportunity. I wasn’t quite happy with the way things showed up in my life. In fact, I was fearful of the prospects of living my old age in hardship. I was living day to day as most of us are wont to. Do you know that every time I saw on television old men and women struggling to obtain their meager pension money, I would picture how life would be if I remained on the path of simply hoping for things to fall in place? Do they? Seriously? Now it’s even worse!

That led to me to decide to seek knowledge. There are some who truly live a life of significance without stealing from the commonwealth. These are the people who have stories to tell; stories that have become success principles, which are available to you if you care to set yourself on the path of discovery. Success truly is not an accident. And so is failure.

If you’re struggling to make enough money in a less-than-satisfying career position or in your business….struggling to live an exciting life, even though you’re working as hard as you possibly can…..fatigued and potential at risk of poor health…..unable to give your family the best of what life has to offer…..avoiding friends because you unable to pick up your share of the bills…..cannot afford to fund the much-desired fun and adventure of life….can’t even think of living a legacy for the next generation…..or even find it difficult to stay close to God because of your confused state of mind, then here’s the good news.

What would it be worth to you if each day you awoke, excited to go to work or your business,, clear that you were on the right path to the future you have always dreamed awaited you? Purpose Power & Lifestyle Design International, PPLD, has put together a revolutionary “Power Up!”™ and other transformational training programs, designed to cater for the different stages of professional and business experiences. They are dynamic, experiential training programs, designed to develop and train you to become the leader and successful businessperson you have always wished you could be.

Come to PPLD to experience how to reorganize your future, creating abundance with ease in every area of your life. You’d be surprised to discover that the environment does not in any way count against you. It’s in fact made to favor you. You earn what you learn! Many, who have the knowledge are busy re-arranging their future with great results and with promises of an even better future; in this same sour environment. I’m a living example! This same PPLD, a Human Potential Development and Life Transformation business, was set up by me with the same blueprint, practically without stress, doing what I truly love.

Join us for any of these programs –


as we provide you with step-by-step guidance to avoid the exact mistakes that I’ve seen trip up so many others who are clueless about their Personal Mission or Purpose in life. It’s time to learn all about what you might be doing right now that could be sabotaging your ability to attract best in personal and professional life.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in these programs that’s filled with games, exercises and activities. How to:

  • Skyrocket your financial security skyrocket because of your increased effectiveness and productivity.
  • Discover how to formulate your Personal Mission Statement to guide your future and attract all the things that support your dream lifestyle.
  • Expand your Leadership and Communication Skills exponentially, getting what you want in life and in business through the code of influence.
  • How to Produce Quantum Results in all areas of life.
  • Create Team Alignment.
  • Develop Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Embrace Integrity & Value Alignment.
  • Strengthen Work-Life Balance
  • Increase the profitability of your company
  • Expand the effectiveness of your workforce
  • Change your culture &transform the experience of work
  • Enhance creativity & generate visionary business leaders

“Power Up!™” and the other programs have been designed by PPLD and are designed with the purpose in mind of transforming life, business and the world of work. These training programs are packaged to be delivered with accompanying assignments between the class sessions. This means NO sitting and listening to boring lectures alone! All you must do now is review our Programs Brochure to discover the program that fits your Purpose, Desire and Experience requirements. Then proceed to register here: You CAN fulfill your mission without sacrificing your life, and we’re going to show you how! I can’t wait to give you access to my “juicy” secrets…

Standing for all that’s necessary for future success


ps I encourage you to do whatever you can to be part of the next class. Transformational Leadership begins with the inside out approach so as you change yourself you will see greater results in the teams you lead, the influence you have and the relationships that are important to you.


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