This uniquely experiential PU program comes highly recommended for top-line Senior Managers and Business Owners in Public and Private sectors. In just six weeks, you will access valuable skills to:

  • Elevate your firm’s value and competitive edge
  • Cultivate an organization that’s ‘customer-centric’ by culture
  • Develop strategic organizational initiatives
  • Drive idea generation and innovation
  • Lead with greater influence and decisiveness

The transformational outcomes are often dramatic. Made up of in-class deliveries, dozens of indoor/outdoor activities and home-work assignments, the ‘6-week, one-day-a-week’ PU learning format is aimed at minimizing work disruption, during which the participant puts to practice, in-between classes, the Concepts, Tools and Strategies, learned. They all get to share experiences in the following class period.

The “Power UP!” curriculum has been carefully calibrated to give participants insight into how their subconscious programming is stopping them from optimizing their potential, how important it is to incorporate others into their success plans and the actions needed to be taken to fulfil on those insights. It is truly experiential and highly interactive, with the learning transmitted using the powerful 3-dimensional format – Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic; for maximum Impact.

No sitting around listening to talking heads; all training is delivered in a premium environment with the experiential action-oriented exercises, activities and games, designed to infuse the much-desired new and empowering PARADIGMS for strong Leadership and Performance.

Let’s show you and your Key Players how to tap fully into hidden strengths through small shifts in the way we think, the words we speak, the feelings we go through, the habits that derive from these and the inspired action required to achieve exceptional results.

Whether you or your key Business Managers want to excel in your current role or advance to another, the “Power UP!” opens to you critical learning on how to immediately impact the strategic direction of your company and, ultimately; careers.

  • The Promise of this Program is that “out of the successful completion of this course, the participant will experience a new level of performance, through enhanced clarity, focus, capabilities, confidence, self-discovery and an ability to contribute to the lives of others in ways that never was thought possible”. We therefore invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to empower your workforce.

You won’t want to miss a rare opportunity offered by the incredible power of this training!

TRAINING INVESTMENT : 264,000.00 per participant.