Every parent’s dream is to have their daughter or son go through school, graduate cum laude, settle quickly into a good job and start to build a great career. In the past, that was mostly the case; when the educational system was designed to produce a balanced education. Today, however, the labour market is overrun with ‘unemployable’ graduates!

Young people with huge gaps, between what employers want and what today’s graduates are equipped to deliver. These graduates find themselves products of a dysfunctional educational and social system that leaves them unable to fulfil the needs of the labour market today. It is sadly evident that our young graduates are nowhere near the level of maturity and professionalism expected of them; both in their attitude and their personal conduct.

Ideal as a flagship training for young graduates just offered employment, our dynamic program “PFS” bridges the gap between school and the 21st Century workplace and provides what our current school system does not; lessons in professionalism, assistance in creating resumes that attract and excite employers and the ability to powerfully present themselves to Recruiting agencies and in interviews with prospective employers.

Out of their successful completion of “PFS”, they will experience a new access to personal power, an accelerated, clearer path to the future of their dreams and access to the strategy and tools they need to attain that future. This is a 2-day intensive, transformational, and uniquely experiential program

What you should know about the PFS program…

  • We take the young Graduates on an exciting journey to self-discovery. They will gain clarity on the future of their dream & provide them with Tools, Strategies & Ideas on how to create their own success.
  • We guide them towards laying a strong foundation for their future so that they leave the program fully engaged in creating their career in a way that they never thought possible.
  • They gain skills in being able to collaborate powerfully and successfully with othersa very important factor for hiring employers.
  • The companies that just recruited stand to gain from making PFS a must-attend for young graduates.

TRAINING INVESTMENT : 50,000.00 per participant