This powerful 4-day Executive Leadership Training lays the framework for an amazing foundation for the corporate Leaders’ success and our intention is that you will leave this program experiencing yourself as the Powerful Business Leader you have envisioned yourself to be; guiding your organization, the Stake holders and your people to extraordinary heights of success and leading them forward in the world of business and global accomplishments.

Because this is a customized program, from time to time, exercises or details may change; however, the results are the same – participants get what they need to experience themselves as Business and Industry Leaders!

The Promise of this Program is that out of a successful completion of this curriculum, you will experience a new access to financial prosperity, personal power, and a clear path to your next step as you create yourself as a powerful industry leader, expanding your future and the future of all those who follow your lead.

This program will equip the C-level Executive with the ability to create a legacy of new possibilities for your organization; It will provide you with the strategy and tools you need to immediately enroll others in experiencing you as a leader to follow and a force to be reckoned with – whether in business or in life. Your level of effective communication will exponentially improve and you will see the areas of growth and development needed to accomplish what you want to create for your staff and your organization. You will see what

is missing in generating your leadership skills and how to access those missing pieces in such a way that you will gain the confidence needed to fulfill on your dreams and lead others to fulfill on theirs.

You will become clearer about what is stopping you from all that is possible in life and will have the opportunity to break through what you think you are capable of doing and who you can be for yourself and for others. In this program, we will share with you some practical tools that you can use regularly to keep pushing your self-imposed limits and create a “paradigm shift” in who you have known yourself to be. In creating yourself as a powerful leader, you will empower and serve others and create business partnerships that benefit you and everyone you want to support.

TRAINING INVESTMENT : ₦1.2m per participant.