This program is for new and/or emerging managers and is designed to provide you with the structure and tools to be an effective Team Leader.

It approaches leadership and management from a practical, hands-on perspective; providing communication, development and results-producing systems that will assist even the most inexperienced leaders in giving guidance, insight and practical, meaningful direction to their teams.

The Promise of this Program is that out of your successful completion of this 2 Day program, you will harness a new access to powerful leadership, learn how to communicate more effectively, and expand your ability to manage others in a way that leaves you empowered and enthusiastic.

Delivered over two days, this program encompasses the core curriculum that new and emerging managers must master in order to support, guide and develop your teams to be productive, efficient and effective members of an organization.

True Leadership requires that you are effective at managing systems and leading people; this is the key to effective organizations. All too often, managers are taught that their job is to manage their people. This is an ineffective approach to creating leadership in organizations.

Leading people requires vision, exceptional listening skills, time and results management and hands on interactions on a daily basis. In this program you will be given the tools you need to become successful Managers and People Leaders.

In the process of accomplishing this, you will become clear about anything that is stopping you in work and life and what could be possible when you get past it. You will have a new view of who you can be as a Leader.

Whether you have just been promoted to leadership or whether you are just stepping onto that path, the experiential activities that you engage in during this program will both support and enlighten you in multiple areas of effectiveness.

TRAINING INVESTMENT : ₦120,000.00 per participant.