This program features several accomplished professionals who collaborate to create a transformational learning and development experience for high potential participants with the right mindset.

Are you or a candidate you’re keen to sponsor, interested in starting an owned business and would love to learn how to get started in a structured way that guarantees sustainability and growth?


Are you or a candidate you are keen to sponsor, a current business owner who wants to learn how to boost your business operations with a new set of paradigms to realign your passion with your purpose?

You can explore your interests with us by enrolling for our intensive and uniquely experiential 3-day Entrepreneurship training program designed to help entrepreneurs of various stages launch and expand their businesses.

Upon a successful completion of the EGTS, you can expect to have a proper understanding on how to:

  • Acquire lifestyle entrepreneurial mindset seeing new possibilities rather than
  • Explore the notion of building a winning team and other
  • Common challenges facing Founders and CEOs.
  • Build your purpose driven business around a supportive solid system.
  • Learn to be an influential and powerful communicator.
  • Develop an understanding of how to grow and nurture the business through effective brand building, cash flow management and resource allocation, and embracing change and uncertainty for competitive advantage.

This program is designed to be a “life-altering experience,” setting intending entrepreneurs on a path to build their own wealth and independence.

TRAINING INVESTMENT : 132,000.00 per participant.