Lee Follender

Lee Follender


Lee Follender’s background in Leadership and Management training, brings a high level of communication skills and business acumen to her job as Curriculum Specialist, Senior Coach and Business Consultant to PPLD.

Over the past 18 years, Lee has worked with individuals and organizations to create break-through performance results in the world of business and person-al development.

Her experience as a corporate trainer and business executive coach in cities and corporations throughout the US and Canada provided her with the ability to create and deliver curriculum and add to her valued position in this entrepreneurial team.

As a Consultant, she works with small and medium sized business owners to grow their enterprises, she delivers one-on-one coaching, writes curriculum and delivers training to other organizations.

As a powerful and dynamic coach, trainer, and business consultant, she has worked with thousands of individuals and organizations over the past 18 years; such as Internet Gurus like Joe Vitale, Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff and others; Aveda Beauty Products Distributors worldwide, Time Warner Cable, Dell Computer and IBM, coaching their clients, their management staff and delivering coaching that has made an extraordinary impact with corporate business executives and entrepreneurs alike.

Through the years, she has done extensive work in personal, professional and organizational development, studied Quality Systems with Edwards W. Deming and Marshall Thurber, and Critical thinking with Edward D. Bono.

Of her work with PPLD, she says “I have used every bit of knowledge and experience gathered over the past 30 years to design the curriculum for this program; It is truly an honor to see it come to fruition and is the culmination of my commitment to transformation and to make a difference with my work and my life.”

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