Making Every Second Count!

“Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24 hours a day” – Zig Ziglar

This is history in the making and I’m glad you’re part of this. Every week, we’ll examine some topical issue on the road to transformation.

You see, I just love life. These days, I tend to look back at the roads through which I have travelled, and I constantly see things anew. Even everyday words said in local dialects just come alive with new and deeper meanings.

That’s the power of transformation.

Have you tried reading a book again after like 10 years apart? You see some new things and some parts come with new understanding. That’s transformation.

When I was in the secondary school, almost five decades ago, I scored an A1 in Agriculture. I later found myself owning a farm years later. Now I see that I’ve always loved to watch things grow. It shows in things I get involved in. Turning things around apart from making things work.

What am I really saying?

Discovery; self-discovery. That’s the starting point of transformation.

Who are you? 

Know thy self; is the very first step.

What makes you come alive?

What effortlessly engages your attention?

What makes your heart sing?

What would you voluntarily do, even if no one was there to applaud you?

 If you want things in your life to change, you have to change the things in your life.

Success in my world is at the intersection point of Values, Talents and Desire. We’ll delve into this at a later time.

I love the good things of life. I always have; even when my incomes were just enough. Fast cars, a little wine [wasn’t always little though], exciting social life, basic comfort, home and abroad, beautiful women [well, that was then] and a fine wardrobe plus of course colourful dreams of the future (very essential).

I’ve always imagined every minute was meant to be lived and enjoyed. Way before I understood the science behind it.

Sometimes I’m highly organized. Other times I’m acting on impulse. As long as I enjoy what I’m doing, I’m cool. Anything I don’t enjoy is not worth doing, period.

Even just lazing around or sleeping I thoroughly savour. I’m so thankful to God for how far I’ve come and this is just the beginning.

Since transformation is the primary language of communication on this site and the road to transformation is for us to power you up, like an artist who has a canvas to work with, what are your options? Keep what you have or clean up your canvas to come up with a better design?

We often end up staying in states of serial monotony, living day to day inside a small and limited destiny, simply because we have no idea how to activate our deeper wisdom and create a new route for ourselves. A map by which we rule our lives.

If you are unhappy or displeased with your life’s trajectory, then you are in the right place.

Together we shall explore what it takes to make a brand-new beginning. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through or who you believe is responsible for your situation in life. Or even how old you are.

One sure way to start is to pay attention to what is not working, what makes you unhappy and what has to change. Do not declare yourself or anyone guilty or responsible, for doing so might present you with an emotional handicap.

Everything you are and everything you become is determined by your choices and decisions.

Being clear about what you don’t want makes what you want even clearer. It’s always best to get a journal to document your thoughts because writing is your strongest point of focus. Doing so equally helps to build momentum over time for actions that would become necessary through inspiration and intuition. Success is built as an architect does a nice building.

Everything I’ve been through adds up. Some were pleasant, others very tight. I derive courage from dealing with life’s troublesome issues while those that went smoothly provides confidence to power on. That’s the way it was meant to be. Everything was made to favour me. That’s my belief. That’s what works for me. That’s what makes every moment count.

As you begin this journey through knowing thyself, pay attention to conversations you have with yourself, the monkey mind. Those words that pop up when faced with challenges. I can’t; I wouldn’t be able; I’m not worthy; It won’t work; I’m not lucky with this and so on- these are not productive phrases in my vocabulary and so should not be in yours.

Every morning when I wake up, after doing my routine exercises and fine-tuning plans for the day, I speak positively into my life. Words that gratifies God as well as designed to help me powerfully prosecute the day’s activities. It’s also known as Affirmations. How about you doing the same?

Here are some of mine, often said in the bathroom when in communion with God:

1. I’m grateful for life, my family and my vision guided by the Almighty.
2. Everything and everyone will favour me today.
3. God give me someone to bless today.
4. I’m joyful, open and accepting, even if doesn’t show up like I anticipated.
5. I’m making progress every day, no matter how small.
6. I am safe and sound.
7. I’m relaxed, even under pressure.
8. I listen with empathy and good reasoning.
9. Everything I do drives me in the direction of my dream.
10. I make everything moment count and fun-filled.

Doing this routine a few times daily through practice will help open up new creative realms of possibilities to solve problems, find answers or draw a new path for the kind of future you’ve always dreamed is possible.

You’ll notice that the mere fact that you say them inside your head with conviction causes you to accept and believe the fact that what you do will succeed. It’s not your problem really how and through whom it will come to pass. 
True transformation is a process with a layout prosecuted through discipline. When properly understood and followed, it harmonises every area of life. Some of the significant benefits I have come to appreciate include –

  • peace of mind,
  • a happy family,
  • quality relationships,
  • a healthy body,
  • a strong focus,
  • proper handling of fear,
  • worry and doubts,
  • joyful living,
  • fun time,
  • imperatives of selflessness, strong spiritual strength and understanding wealth creation.

A few years ago, I had a friend who had relationship issues. She was heart-broken and after listening to her story, it became clear to me that she was in the wrong places with the wrong people. My advice was based on my philosophy of …“I may not know what I want, but I know what I don’t want’.  That was how far I knew then. It served me well of course because it positioned me for where I am now.

However, I now know that I not only know what I don’t want, it’s important for me to know what I do want.

Until I left the corporate world for the school of hard knocks, I thought I was doing well, earning tidy sums for salary and having fun. Was I fearful of the future? Yes. Then I went into an opportunistic business life. Now I know much about strategic business thinking, based on my skills, talents and strengths.

Much of what I am, do and have are from solving real problems. You will always have them. And it will be my pleasure to share my knowledge of success tips with you because there’s more than enough for everybody (that’s Abundance Principle). More on that in subsequent articles.

No matter your age or your present circumstances, you can decide today to make a new beginning. But you need the know-how.

That’s what Purpose Power & Lifestyle Design PPLD, is here for. To help you discover your hidden powers and support you in formulating strategies to guide you to your chosen destination with fun to go with it.

So my question to you today is; “What do you want”?

If your life continues on the path you are on, what will it be like in five years? In 10 years? And more.

In the coming weeks, this will be the foundation of our discourse because “you cannot hit a target you have not set”.

Take some time to see other articles on the PPLD site and let me know what you think about all these and any other issue you may consider useful in the box below.

Remember, all things are possible; that is if you believe (I will show you later how to assure this).

Again, your Affirmations will be hugely beneficial on this transformational journey. Get used to them. Develop your own. Let them be believable and challenging to you. Don’t think small; it takes the same amount of energy to also think big. Your creative energy can handle it if you can expand it. And it empowers you to add value to the lives of others in meaningful ways. That’s what we were created to do actually.

Until next time, do an honest self-appraisal of who you really are; your strengths, areas requiring improvements, values, desires, dreams and how you might possibly get there; all of these preferably in writing and without any doubtful feelings.

Wishing you a life of your dream


PS: “All you have to do is know where you’re going. The answers will come to you of their own accord.” – Earl Nightingale. I’m truly excited to be on this journey with you but you must trust that it works. I’ll show you loads of proofs as we proceed.


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