PPLD “POWER UP” Training Program

PPLD “POWER UP” Training Program

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The world of personal and corporate effectiveness is changing.

In today's chaotic and increasingly disruptive economy, businesses must seek to accomplish more with less. Demand is high for key employees and personnel who can bring strategic leadership and management skills to all types of positions.

It is possible to meet this challenge if you stop looking for solution in the regular training programs that are not capable of creating the needed shift. The line between the employee and the corporate thinking is thinning.

If you have not arrived at the point where your employees take full ownership of that part of the business they are assigned to, then you are certainly throwing away value that you may not even be aware exists.

Are you familiar with the concept of “creating an attractive character" for your business?

This concept allows you to turn your prospects as well as existing customers/clients into raving fans who purchase more, do so more often and even refer more people back to your business.  

“Power UP” For Success – PU!

This uniquely experiential PU program comes highly recommended for top-line Senior Managers and Business Owners in Public and Private sectors. In just six weeks, you will access valuable skills to:

  • Elevate your firm's value and competitive edge
  • Cultivate an organisation that’s ‘customer-centric’ by culture
  • Develop strategic organizational initiatives
  • Drive idea generation and innovation
  • Lead with greater influence and decisiveness

The "Power UP!" curriculum has been carefully calibrated to give participants insight into how their subconscious programming is stopping them from optimizing their potential, how important it is to incorporate others into their success plans and the actions needed to be taken to fulfil on those insights. It is truly experiential and highly interactive, with the learning transmitted using the powerful 3-dimensional format - Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic; for maximum Impact.

No sitting around listening to talking heads; all training is delivered in a premium environment with the experiential action-oriented exercises, activities and games, designed to infuse the much-desired new and empowering PARADIGMS for strong Leadership and Performance.

Let’s show you and your Key Players how to tap fully into hidden strengths through small shifts in the way we think, the words we speak, the feelings we go through, the habits that derive from these and the inspired action required to achieve exceptional results. 

Whether you or your key Business Managers want to excel in your current role or advance to another, the "Power UP!" opens to you critical learning on how to immediately impact the strategic direction of your company and, ultimately; careers.

The Promise of this Program is that “out of the successful completion of this course, the participant will experience a new level of performance, through enhanced clarity, focus, capabilities, confidence, self-discovery and an ability to contribute to the lives of others in ways that never was thought possible”. We therefore invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to empower your workforce.

You won't want to miss a rare opportunity offered by the incredible power of this training!

A significant outcome is that as much as 50% overall improvement has been reported in personal effectiveness because of this widely-acclaimed program, which attracts a modest investment of –N-240.000 per person. However, there’s a 20% early bird registration discount. In addition to this is a 5% discount for group nomination of a minimum of 3 participants.  

Our next class starting soon. For a moment that it takes to read about this program, you COULD be on your way to transforming the course of the future of your organization in ways you never thought possible.

Activate your enrolment today - and learn what the "Power UP!" Training can do TO UNLOCK THE POTENTIAL of your organization.

“Because Transformational Leadership begins with the inside-out approach, Leaders, as they change themselves, will see greater results in the teams they lead, the influence they have and the relationships that are important to them”. 

Because our classes usually fill up quickly, it is essential to plan ahead of your chosen program and date. Lunch and beverages during the In-Class sessions are provided. Also presented is a program Certificate. 

Click the link below to fill “Power Up” Application Form


Our Program Administrator, Chioma Okoli, can be reached on 08060887199. You can also visit us at www.powerupforsuccess.com for further details about PPLD and our program offerings. 

Truly caring for your success!

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In today's chaotic and increasingly disruptive economy, businesses must seek to accomplish more with less.

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