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Every parent’s dream is to have the young woman or man go through school, graduate cum laude, settle quickly into a good job and start to build a great career. Until recently, that was the case; when the educational system was designed to produce a balance in learning and conduct.

Today, the labour market is overflowing with a multitude of otherwise brilliant young graduates who are ‘unemployable’. These young ones have found themselves in an unfriendly employment market with huge gaps, between what the Employers want and what the Young Graduates are equipped to deliver. They have become the products of a dysfunctional educational and social system.

For this reason, processing employment applications has become one of Recruiting Agencies’ most frustrating assignments. You’d be lucky to find 10% without serious grammatical errors in Resumes and Applications, with little understanding about what constitutes proper pre-interview preparation. Attitude at interviews itself is a different story altogether. Clearly, our young graduates are not anywhere near the level expected of them in their attitude and even in their narratives in person.

Well, the good news is, that’s going to be a thing of the past because at POWER & LIFESTYLE DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, PPLD, we have been actively involved in the personal and professional transformation of some of the most dynamic organisations in the country at the topmost levels. From that vantage position, we have recently launched an intervention program to re-position the Young Graduates to become attractive to organisations of their choice.

Our newly introduced graduate PREP FOR SUCCESS, training program [PFS], seeks to help relieve parents of the burden of continuing to harbour grownups, years after graduation, faced less than exciting job opportunities. With the uniquely experiential and properly calibrated PFS, recently graduated young men and women with good academic credentials and the right mindset to excel can, upon successful completion, step into their preferred career as quickly as possible. Bridging the gap between school and the 21st century workplace is what PFS is all about.

If you’re a Parent with unemployed or underemployed young graduates, enrolment is now open. You now have in ‘Prep For Success’, a solution to the mismatch between what the A-list companies and top Recruiters are looking for and what the young graduates are capable of delivering.

What’s exciting about the PFS program?

  • We will take the Young Graduates on an exciting journey to self-discovery, just as they will gain clarity on the future of their dream & open them up to Ideas, Tools and Strategies on how to successfully make it happen.
  • We will guide them towards laying an amazing foundation for their future with an intention for them to leave the program fully engaged in creating their future career in a way that they never thought possible and an ability to collaborate powerfully with others.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, we will pull in our best effort to help connect interested participants with their choice employer within the growing pool of top-notch participating. organisations looking for the very best in competence and attitude. There are always ongoing opportunities here at PPLD to step up, broaden their exposure & deepen their skills, for the young graduates who believe in and are prepared to live their dream.

This 2-day intensive, transformational, and uniquely experiential graduate Prep For Success Program is billed to run on Thursday through Friday, November 21 & 22, 2019 at our world-class Amuwo Odofin PPLD Training facility. For a token investment of N50,000, let your Young Graduate come and experience a new level of power and confidence to take on the world. Generous introductory discounts are also on offer:

You can click here to apply immediately:

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Every parent’s dream is to have the young woman or man go through school...

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