Creating Your Oasis Of Sanity In A Chaotic Environment.

Understanding that life operates with swings is essential as a BELIEF. That helps to anticipate and plan for mitigating such effects. Now that we have faced with the downward positioning, DO YOU HAVE A STARTEGY FOR COPING AND THRIVING AHEAD OF THE NEXT UPWARD SWING?

Here are 3 Platforms I recommend:

  • You are responsible, Past, Present, Future
  • It’s not new, it will always be like this, avoid resistance/embrace it, you’re not alone
  • Reconnect with your true essence, Strengths/Weaknesses, Talents and Gifts
  • Change your Thinking, Do more of Productive/Possibility Thinking, Document your thoughts
  • Meditate, Exercise, Maintain a Healthy Regime and get enough Sleep
  • Avoid negative people and Make Peace with/Release Unworthy Thoughts.
  • You are NOT bound by your past, Design a New Exciting Future as if you could not fail
  • Reconnect with your VALUES, GIFTS, PASSION & PURPOSE, think MONETIZATION
  • Review you Life/%-year/Annual/Quarterly GOALS and PLANS
  • Work with To-do/Not-to-do Lists, with your 6-rocks philosophy
  • Monitor your Urgent/Important Ratios with diligence, review your Effectiveness/Efficiency
  • Create a System that helps you Do More for Less, Go the Extra Mile
  • Work in Quantum of time, check On-line/Social Media presence period
  • Keep Monitoring progress and keep doing course-correction
  • It’s possible to Grow in recession, Opportunities show up more; there are more VICTIMS
  • Find/Attract people like you, they are looking for you too. Join a Master Mind group
  • Share and Enrol trusted others, Be Humble, Confident, Open
  • Show Trust in Self/Others and Faith in the Divine
  • Follow you dream, Discover your limitations and bring in Complimentary forces
  • Deepen Relationships and be Generous in Empathy, Acknowledgments, Respect for others
  • Be the Change you wish to see, Be an Influencer
  • Be a Vessel not a Container
  • Keep reminding yourself on why you’re here. Keep re-calibrating.


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