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Brief Introduction

Tunde is a strong advocate of the power behind the Spiritual Law of Attraction and with the robust tools gathered from his own successful International business ex-perience and the exemplary lives of successful leaders of this methodology; he is determined to share his knowledge and his dream for human advancement through his organization: “Purpose Power & Lifestyle Design (PPLD).

Tunde’s History:
Tunde is a graduate of Government College Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo Uni-versity, University of Portharcourt and Lagos Business School, with qualifi-cations in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance. Having grown up in Ibadan, Nigeria, Tunde has enjoyed a fast-paced and flourishing career in Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries with strong international exposure.
These business and global experiences provided him with strong social and business skills in areas such as Negotiation, Leadership, Productivity, Qual-ity Management, Marketing, Change Management, Operations, Project Management and Team Leadership.

He began his considerable success as an entrepreneur in 1997 by building profitable businesses in the fields of Facility and Logistics Management, Petroleum Marketing & Distribution and Agriculture.

In 2009, after garnering much success in the business world, while explor-ing the many possibilities that lay before him, he got the divine answer for his future direction. During that period, he attended Steve Little’s Perfect Biz Builder Coaching Program, where the emphasis of building a business was around one’s life purpose. This philosophy revealed to him his prime directive and the insights he gained from that experience led him to move a step further into learning the art of leading people into creating their de-sired future through the Christy Whitman’s Coaching Certification Program.

Tunde’s Dream:
Following this program, his love of people and his dream of building a powerful legacy be-came more clearly defined and he began to take action on his own methodology so that he could take his current successes to the next level and empower others to do the same.

By building new and successful businesses using his expanded coaching skills and leader-ship abilities, his science of success has contin-ued to grow; providing more and more proof of his new insights and defining the potential for his exciting journey into the world of Life and Business Coaching, contribution, educa-tion and the empowerment of others.
His newly instituted organization “Purpose Power & Lifestyle Design (PPLD)” was created to deploy creativity and organizational skills that support and empower as many people as possible to happily pursue their life ambition in a fulfilled and loving manner.

It is through – and with – this organization that Tunde plans to deliver his Transformational Life and Business Training program called “Power UP!”

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Why PPLD and What Does it Stand for?

What is the essence that drives you—that pulls you forward in life?

Is it having the ability to transform or positively influence your immediate surroundings or the world at large? Is it securing the kind of wealth that brings the blessings of financial security for yourself or to impact the circumstances of others less fortunate than yourself? Is it power to dramatically improve the future or exist in luxury in the present? Whatever the objective — Knowing YOUR true Purpose is the first step to getting there.

Power has been said to be the capacity, attitude and ability to effectively act …

It is not force, coercion nor manipulation that provides the ability to influence and inspire others. Only Power, grounded in integrity, humanity, and a view to what is possible, makes the kind of
positive difference that transforms a present, ordinary moment and leads to the fulfillment of an extraordinary purpose and the capability of truly enriching the world around you.

Fulfilling a future not dictated by the past requires innovative, conscious thinking…

Making courageous decisions, acting purposefully and powerfully
requires a clear and present blueprint of where you are headed.
Fulfilling on your purpose requires being present in this moment,
being informed by the past, and not limited by it, and creating a clear and flexible Life-Style Design. Only this creates a path to fulfill on that powerful future of abundance in every part of your existence, and to living a uniquely satisfying life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/U938udFZMC0″ el_aspect=”43″ align=”center”][vc_column_text]

With PPLD Arises a Whole New Opportunity !

For Your organization and for Nigeria…
We know that when one person changes the way they experience life, they change the way they live, and when they change the way they live in private and in public, they bring that change to their workplace, and when they bring that change to their workplace. . .

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

The opportunity for an individual to transform him or herself —AND their work environment— is now possible.

The program that delivers that change is “Power UP!”™ For Success!

This training takes the most powerful Transformational Personal Development Techniques, combines it with Leading Edge Leadership and Management Training, developed by experts of over 30 years and incorporates it into an exciting and powerful Experiential Learning
Program; bringing together the Power of Adult Learning Principles and the inspiration of Creative and Critical Thinking into one innovative package.


“Power UP!”™

What would it be worth to you if each and every one of your employees was a powerful asset to your or-ganization, collaborating in a state of positive synergy?

“Power Up!”™ is a dynamic, experiential training
program designed to develop and train managers to become the powerful leaders they were meant to be.

This training, commissioned by Tunde Makun, The Big Picture Coach, and inspired by his broad international work experience, provides the kind
of innovative, transformational training that will move your entire organization ahead in ways that you cannot even imagine; delivering exceptional performance and profits; brimming with raving customers.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other per-son, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama.

What if…

  • your profitability could skyrocket as a result of
    superior workforce effectiveness?
  • teamwork was second nature to each and every one of your staff members; devoid of rancor?
  • every one of your leaders and managers took 100% accountability for their actions AND the actions of their team members with shared values?
  • your company was recognized as THE number one exciting place of employment in your city?
  • your Staff voluntarily came up with ideas on how to save money and looked for ways to improve profit-ability without you breathing down on them to do it?
  • you needed to expand your production line just to keep up with NEW orders?
  • you and every employee looked forward joyfully to each new day as a NEW possibility for success?

“Power UP!”™ is UNIQUE …
Here’s What it Can Do for YOUR Team …


  • It is delivered one day a week for 6 weeks – There is little or no loss of work time.
  • The activities and knowledge delivered in-Class is reinforced daily by assignments to be done between classroom sessions and these powerful assignments apply directly to how they interact with others, bringing high energy both in and outside their workplace to obtain exceptional performance in every area.
  • Each assignment between sessions requires participants to bring the learning into their jobs so that the new information begins to immediately and positively impact their work environment.
  • All learning is experiential and geared toward adult learners—Implementing all learning styles (Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic) and utilizing activities, visuals, and exercises for deep and effective impartation, with minimal “lecture” time.
  • Training is designed to break down barriers between departments, management and front line workers which enables employees to take ownership of the process; freeing Executive time for Strategic thinking geared towards enhanced corporate growth & profitability.
  • Participants learn through Self discovery—as they identify what it means to “live in integrity,” and to distinguish “being” from “doing”— THE KEY to ultimate personal transformation .
  • Powerful, effective Teamwork, authentic relationships and creating shared values happens over time for powerful corporate performance in a program that runs for 6 continuous weeks.
  • Assignments are provided in written form and participants are provided with an online resource to support them and provide interactive facilitator/participant connection between in-Class sessions.
  • The last in-Class session provides an opportunity for guests to attend and experience the training and an opportunity to celebrate accomplishment.


Your Path to Business Success


While this extraordinary training program contains every element needed to transform your workforce into the dynamic, leading-edge management team you want, it is unique in the way it is delivered.

Students need not lose one day of work!

The training is designed to be delivered one day a week for 6 weeks with accompanying assignments between the six full day in-Class sessions.

All training is delivered in an innovative, experiential manner, with exercises and interactive experiences and activities. It is broad in scope and covers the following subject matter (and so much more)…

  • Producing Quantum Results
  • Enabling Team Alignment
  • Developing Critical Creative Thinking Skills
  • Creating Powerful Communication
  • Embracing A Culture Built On Integrity
  • Strengthening Work/Life Balance
  • Aligning Personal and Corporate Values.


  • Develop Your Management Team’s Full Potential
  • Create a Quality Workforce
  • Fulfill Personal/Corporate Lifestyle Success Dreams
  • Help Others Discover the Source of Their Power
  • Accomplish Your Goals and Objectives
  • Inspire Others to Create a New Future
  • Build Financial Security
  • Inspire a NEW, Company-wide Work Ethic
  • Build Strong, Transformational Leadership
  • Introduce & Develop Shared Values
  • Produce Powerful Results Through Teamwork

“Power Up!™” – Is a program sponsored by PPLD and designed to transform business and the world of work.

If you want to:

  • Increase the profit-ability of your company
  • Improve communi-cation throughout your organization
  • Expand the effec-tiveness of your workforce
  • Change your culture and trans-form the work experience
  • Enhance creativity and generate visionary business leaders…

Call Us Today on +234-818-7341-521, +234-802-7637-417 or email: admin@PowerUpForSuccess.com.