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The secret weapon to building a successful life and business is in living on PURPOSE. Do you have a vision of your Dream Life?

Welcome to PPLD….where we are committed to helping you, the PROFESSIONAL building a career or a business, create dramatic results, develop new Strategies and Multipliers to enable you to spend more enjoyable time with yourself, rejuvenating, as well as with your friends and family.


What Our Clients Say

I was motivated to attend this program by the kind of limiting beliefs militating against achieving some set goals in my life.

This program transformed my challenge of limiting beliefs to a shift in paradigm in becoming a high performer in the workplace and the society at large.

PPLD’s “Power Up” program has now changed my beliefs, levels of responsibility, relationships and ultimately a better me to my wife, children, co-staff and society at large.

I am recommending that you attend this all-encompassing life-transforming program for life fulfillment, wealth, job creation & happiness.

I was motivated to attend this program so as to be empowered, effective and improve on my leadership and interpersonal relationship skills.

This program transformed this issue as I presently see things differently in my work and personal life. This program has transformed me.

I am recommending that you attend PPLD “Power Up” training. It is a training that will reveal the real you. It’s a mind blowing program.

I was motivated to attend the” Power Up” program by Coach Tunde Makun.

“Power Up” program has changed my ways of thinking as the basis of achieving anything in life. I now take responsibility for the things working or not working in my life.

I am recommending that you attend this program with an open mind to maximize the benefits of the program.


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