7 Magic Steps To Crafting A Life Of Significance – 97% Don’t Know About This!

Do you know that latest global statistics indicate that the world’s 80 richest people are wealthier than the bottom 3.5 billion combined? 

Life didn’t come with a guidebook – we only get to write it as we go along and oftentimes muddling things up in the process! But the more guidelines and wisdom we have, tapped from those who have lived remarkably, the better we can navigate through the field of material reality to manifest the life of our dreams. In truth, we all could do with a little more wealth and abundance in our lives. But for the vast majority, we never really reach the level of wealth and significance we truly desire.

The frustrating thing is that it’s not for lack of trying. I’m sure many people really DO take action. Some people even take a conscious effort to try new things to help them build wealth… yet despite all their efforts, they’re unable to grow their wealth to the level they desire.  And what’s worse, some rotate around the same financial position on a continuous basis.

So what’s REALLY stopping us from achieving the Success, Satisfaction and Significance we dream of?

What may be between you and the success you crave, are hidden obstacles that you’re experiencing daily but which are not so obvious. That’s why I invite you to take a moment to review these 7 MAGIC STEPS (and hopefully you could find some that will help you get in the right frame of mind for the journey into your desired future:

1.    Believe in yourself .

Belief is the real power behind any valuable endeavor. Without a strong positive belief, whatever action you take will be but in vain. Even though you may not see where it will all land, believing you CAN, you likely WILL take the trip. Very often, all you require is to let go of the outcome and have a little faith. When you believe you are something of real value and that you have something unique to offer the world, with a lot of faith, you will be supported by people, events and circumstances you can hardly foresee, as you authentically reveal yourself.

The whole Universe was created to conspire in your favor, so there is a good reason you’re here. If you’re still struggling to find it, keep looking, you will know it when you find it– but don’t get stuck on searching. Whether you’re a Governor or a Bookkeeper, give meaning to whatever you find your hand to do. A good number of great minds once were into real menial jobs that they were proud to record in the memoir.

Don’t allow yourself to be put down by anyone. Everyone has his own trajectory in life. “If it will be, it’s certainly up to you” is one mantra I take very seriously. Bad days will always surface but if you judge the day by the clouds, you may end up miserable and do nothing; for the weather can turn around rather quickly. Perhaps, your prayers are not being heard – it may be a case of “Not right now” or “Not this way.” Have faith that your life does have a purpose. Patience means once in a while, you just need to let go. And do remember to celebrate victory and accept disappointment when either comes.  Be at peace with ‘what is’…refusal to do so is what causes most pain.

2. You need a BIG picture

Without a big picture; life’s trivia will constantly suck up precious time. You don’t want to get stuck on the small things that get you irritated and often desperate when you realize your progress is not only slow but largely in a direction that’s uncertain. Focus on what’s important and how you can get what you want out of life. Operate with the eye of an ‘Emerging Future; rather than work into the future with the same old pattern of thinking that hasn’t provided the result you really want.

This is done with a 10, 20 30-year future visioning, while you walk your way back that will help you arrive at the desired destination in the form of annual goals and plans. This way, new creative thinking patterns will evolve. Unless you change the way you think, you’re bound to repeat having the same old unwanted results.

Create a system that works for you. The same 24 hours a day you had in the analogue world is the same in today’s highly distractive, digitalized planet.  Find tools that will assist you in managing yourself effectively. They are all over the world-wide-web. Plan your day the night before. As you design your To-do list, also purpose to have a Not-to-do list. Your subconscious, in a remarkable way works things out, even in your sleep. Being organized helps you define your goals and by breaking them up into bite-size chunks, you’ll be on the right path to achieving them.

  1. Let your heart be the guide  

Follow your heart. To live a purposeful life, let your heart guide you. Your heart is one that truly aligns with who you truly are. It also speaks to what you know to be true. Whatever you aspire to Be, Do or Have, it is the heart that will never deceive you. When you, for instance, agree to a proposal from a friend or a family member and just as the proposer turns his back, you start to doubt your capacity or willingness to make good the promise you made a few moments ago – Tunde, that’s your heart speaking to you.

Your heart is tender, kind and guided by meaningful choices. It confronts you with the emotions of the true value of your desires and envisaged actions. It challenges your capacity and preparedness. It’s much more likely to do the right thing, rather than make a self-serving ego-dominant decision. When there’s a conflict between what your mind seeks as against what your heart says is the right thing to do, it’s time to do a review.

Practice mindfulness. Be still and surrender to the simplicity and flow of your soul. Listen to your intuition; for Intuition is the language of the heart. And as you do so, avoid ego-trips, which seeks to justify a pre-conceived outcome, in the name of intuition. The more you use your intuition, the more you build trust in your intuitive insight. Follow this inner calling. Successful people are known to make quick decisions. How do they do this? By following their intuition.

4.      Keep a clear head

The bigger your dream, the busier you will likely get. However, as you engage the power of organized and focused activities, you will gain control of your plans and processes. And of course, you will enjoy the journey, especially when you pursue purpose-driven dreams and goals. As you inevitably encounter obstacles at unexpected turns, learn to step back and recharge. That is when Affirmations come useful. Affirmations, together with Visualization, support and inspire you on your journey.

There are tricks to getting your head cleared. As you would a beautiful garden, nurture your mind and body with good nutrition, exercises and plenty of sleep. These are essential in aligning your mind; clearing away useless mental clutter. Routinely STILL the mind through cleansing meditation and quiet time. As we now know, meditation not only provides useful solution downloads to thorny issues, it also helps to restore the body, spirit and soul to a healthy balance; making it possible to live longer, productive lives.

5.      Develop emotional self-mastery       
“Those who live passionately teach us how to love. Those who love passionately teach us how to live”. – Yogananda   

Emotions are the most powerful energy you have. E-motion is also known as energy in motion. Emotions reflect what and how you feel about an issue. They provide useful guidance as to what needs to change in what you want done or the process you want to adopt to arrive at a different and preferred destination.

Develop passion for who you are and what you are here to contribute. Your success will only be as big as the number of people you hope to be of service to. Connect emotionally with what you want to achieve. Question your emotion but don’t fight it. It’s merely a Thermometer and not the source of your worry or acceptance. successful people develop creative methods to harness their emotions. Anger or frustrations are not in themselves bad outcomes; they merely serve you a notice on what needs re-examined when such emotions are dense. When you appraise your motives and your capabilities, define new routes and routines, till you are sure that what you desire aligns with what you feel about it; despite any perceived difficulties and challenges.

6.     Be true to yourself

Stay in touch with who you really are. “Don’t attempt to be somebody else; for everyone else is taken”. Align yourself with your thoughts, feelings and actions while staying fully present to who you are and what you would like to achieve. Create the emotion of achievement and use it to inspire YOU into your future. You are a BRAND. Manage your brand carefully. Be consistent and avoid being labelled as two or multi-faced. You generate trust by who you are BEING with others.

Stay aware of environmental influences; some may appear negative but a whole lot will be positive if you care to notice them. We all impact each other in obvious and subtle ways. Negative people may weigh you down and affect your results. However, they also provide the motivation you need to forge ahead powerfully. One thing common to the highly ambitious and focused is the act of refusing to be defeated especially in the face of serious challenges. Surround yourself with a support team that can help you reach your goals.

It’s a good practice to find at least 3 things you are grateful for during the day before you go to bed each night. The more you do this, you more you will encounter those things for which you will be grateful. Remember: ‘Whatever you Appreciate Appreciates!

7. Stay in Action

The only real failure comes in not attempting or refusing to get up when you fall. After you’ve defined your goals in line with your dream and vision, you must proceed to action – Inspired Action. Inspiration comes from power of PURPOSE and the COMMITMENT that goes with it – doing what you love and enjoying it. Again, let your intuition be your guide when the situation gets tacky.

Be sure to reach out to others, as support always provides Exponential Results through the richness of the quality of multiplicity of Ideas, Concepts, Tools and Strategies. As you proceed, you’ll gather momentum, when things are going smoothly. Momentum comes through actions, so do something that moves you forward. Even a small act is significant.

Staying in ACTION rids you of unprofitable FEAR; for action contains the symbolic power to dissolve fears while helping to build SELF-CONFIDENCE and BELIEF. The only thing more daunting than taking action is taking no action at all. The bigger the inspired actions; the greater your results. When the results are less than anticipated, be sure to learn the required lessons. In my world, what others call failure is merely an outcome. A goal without the action to back it up remains a wish!

So, there you have them; The 7 MAGIC STEPS. To Crafting A life of Significance is not a quick fix. Go over them and put them to good use. Since I got this CODE out of my association with the Masters of the game, life has had a new meaning and sharing these with you is truly a joyful thing. The reality is that 97% will either never get to have this or will refuse to use it. You deserve to be among the top 3% class. Whatever your current level of Abundance, you can always have even more. You ought to have much more; for the world is waiting for your contribution.

To your Success!

Tunde Makun
Your Strategic Coach


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